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2012 - 2013 Regional Course Directory


Board-wide Secondary School Programs
Secondary School Programs

Further information regarding the following Board-wide programs/courses can be found by contacting Guidance Services in your secondary school. Refer to the inside front cover for a list of Board-wide programs and locations.

Advanced Placement (AP)
AP courses involve completion of examinations beyond the regular Grade 12 course content and exam, and are set by the College Entrance Board in New Jersey, U.S.A. These courses are designed to provide students with background and knowledge equivalent to a first-year university course. They allow students the opportunity for enriched, intensive study in one or more subjects of interest and strength. AP courses are recognized by many Canadian and International universities as advanced standing for first-year study in specific courses. They are offered in each of the four Community Education Centre areas within York Region. Refer to the chart on the inside cover of this Directory to find the schools where AP courses are offered. Contact Guidance Services in your secondary school for further information.

ARTS Programs of Choice (ARTS)
ARTS Programs of Choice are available to students in each of the four Community Education Centre areas. This provides accessibility to arts programming of choice for students across the York Region District School Board.

These programs are offered at Alexander Mackenzie HS (Central), Huron Heights SS (North), Unionville HS (East), and Westmount CI (West). Each school provides comprehensive arts programming in dance, drama, music and visual arts. Students interested in gaining access to the program must apply to the school within their area. A standardized selection process is used to determine successful candidates. Eligibility to attend each program is determined by home address. Students earning a minimum of eight credits will be eligible to receive a York Region District School Board "Certificate of Specialization in the Arts" to be presented at graduation.

Applications for the program of choice are due in early December each year. Admission for all Secondary Arts Programs for Grade 9 occurs through an audition and/or portfolio presentation each January. Application forms are available on each of the school's websites.

ARTS Programs of Choice Overview

School Name

Alexander Mackenzie HS

Huron Heights SS

Unionville HS

Westmount CI

Program Name

ARTS Alexander Mackenzie

ARTS Huron

ARTS Unionville

ARTS Westmount

Program and Entry

Visual Arts: Workshop / portfolio in addition to written application


Dance, Drama and Music: Audition in addition to written application information


Arts Related Program Options:


Business, Family and Technological Studies: Regular course selection

Program Enrichment

Field Trips

Guest Artists


Integrated Projects

Professional Partnerships

Program Specifics by Location:
Program details, attendance boundaries, audition requirements, contact information and applications are posted at respective school websites through www.yrdsb.edu.on.ca/schoolname

Bill Crothers S.S. Sports Programs (S4LAP, HPAP)

Sport For Life Student Athlete Profile
The Sport For Life Student Athlete Profile describes a student who participates in different aspects of a variety of sports (House League, School Sport, Recreation, Competitive, Officiating, Managing, Refereeing or Coaching). Sport for Life students are physically active and focused on life-long participation in sport. This profile allows for talent identification and transfer to the High Performance Athlete Profile.

High Performance Athlete Profile (HPAP)
The High Performance Athlete Profile describes a student athlete who has been selected for a provincial, national or international team. This may include being named to provincial/national development team or ranked/carded provincially, nationally or internationally by your governing sport body. E.g. Team Ontario or Team Canada. An athlete must be training a minimum of 15 hours per week.

Students must apply to Bill Crothers Secondary School for admission through one of these profiles. A balanced school year calendar will be followed to allow for learning throughout the year in order for athletes to balance the complexity of their training commitments, academic pursuits and pressures, as well as their leisure time. For further information, please contact Bill Crothers Secondary School.

Costa Rica Summer International Co-op (Crsum)
A two-credit summer Cooperative Education Program involving one week of preparation in Canada followed by three weeks in Costa Rica, Central America. Students work on wildlife conservation, ecotourism and community development group oriented projects. Living with a host family for cross-cultural and Spanish language immersion completes the experience. Participants must be 15 years of age or over and as a minimum, have completed Grade 10 before departure. For more information, consult www.yrdsb.edu.on.ca/ice - Costa Rica Summer Int. Co-op.

Dual Credit Courses/Programs
Students participate in college courses and/or apprenticeship training programs to earn dual credits that count towards their high school diploma and their college certificate / diploma / advanced diploma / bachelor's degree or apprenticeship certification. Dual Credits give students a 'head start' on learning and training for their potential post-secondary education and future careers. All Grade 11 & 12 students (Grade 12 only for Accelerated OYAP), including SHSM students, are eligible to apply for Dual Credits.

Students will select courses on Career Cruising (as per instructions) and then follow-up with a standardized application which is obtained through Guidance Services. Note: All of the courses listed below are pending Ministry approval.

College-Delivered Dual Credit Courses for 2012/2013
Course College SHSM (Specialized High Skills Major)
Sector Alignment
Drawing 1-Portfolio Development Seneca Arts & Culture
Business, Its' Nature & Environment Seneca Business
Introduction to Computer Applications Seneca Business/ Information & Communications Technology
Introduction to Advertising, Design & Layout Seneca Business/Arts & Culture
Introduction to Marketing Seneca Business
Exploring Customer Service Centennial Business
Energy & Environmental Sustainability Centennial Environment
Exploring Identity (How Society Shape Identity) Centennial Health & Wellness
Healthy Lifestyle Management Centennial Health & Wellness
Holistic Health Fleming Health & Wellness
Human Growth & Development Fleming Health & Wellness
Foundations of Personal Support Georgian Health & Wellness
Coaching Theory Seneca Health & Wellness / Sports
Social Services (Interpersonal Communications) Seneca Health & Wellness
Introduction to Psychology Seneca Health & Wellness
Dynamics of Global Tourism Centennial Hospitality & Tourism
Introduction to Tourism, Industry & Careers Seneca Hospitality & Tourism
Blueprint Reading Seneca Transportation / Manufacturing / Construction
CNC Application 1 (Computer Numerical Controls-Manufacturing Georgian Manufacturing
Basic Machine Shop Centennial Manufacturing
Law Enforcement Communications Seneca N/A

Dual Credit Accelerated OYAP (Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program)
Dual Credit Accelerated OYAP programs provide grade 12 students with the opportunity to earn high school co-op credits, register as an apprentice, complete part or all of their Level One apprenticeship schooling in a specific trade, and earn hours/demonstrate competencies towards their apprenticeship. Students concurrently earn additional high school credit(s) through this dual credit opportunity.

Accelerated OYAP Dual Credit Programs for 2012/2013
Program # of Eligible
High School
Dual Credits
Training Delivery
SHSM (Specialized High Skills Major)
Sector Alignment
Level 1 App: Automotive Service Technician 310S 2 Centennial Transportation
Level 1 App: Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Systems Mechanics 313A 2 George Brown Manufacturing / Construction
Level 1 App: Cook 415A 1 Humber Hospitality & Tourism
Level 1 App: Child Development Practitioner 620C 1 Seneca Health & Wellness
Level 1 App: Plumber 306A 2 Humber Manufacturing / Construction
Level 1 App: Electrician: Construction & Maintenance 309A 2 Humber Manufacturing / Construction
Carpentry (NOT dual credit) 0 Local 27 Manufacturing / Construction
Note: All Dual Credit Accelerated OYAP programs are held in second semester in your final year of high school and require enrolment in full day semester two co-op. See your Community Based Education (Co-op) teacher for details and application procedures. All application information is also available on Career Cruising.

Exploring Opportunities Program (EOP): "Building Equitable Access to Apprenticeship"
EOP is specialized programming for students with an interest and aptitude in any of the following: Manufacturing, Construction, Health & wellness and Transportation. EOP helps to develop students' essential skills and work habits while they accumulate credits, engage in authentic learning opportunities and gain work experience in a particular area of interest. This program benefits students interested in participating in an Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program (OYAP) in future years and provides them with the option for level-one training. The in-school courses, industry certifications, "reach ahead" opportunities and work experiences provide students with a solid foundation for a Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM - see description).

The EOP programs are offered at the following locations:

EOP Program
(with SHSM focus)
School Course Codes
Construction Richmond Green SS SCE3X1  SCE4X1
Markham District H.S. SCE3X2  SCE4X2
Health and Wellness (Healthcare) Sutton DHS SCE3X4   SCE4X4
Manufacturing Huron Heights SS SCE3X5   SCE4X5
Transportation Alexander Mackenzie HS SCE3X6  SCE4X6
Transportation (Power Sports) Sutton DHS SCE3X3   SCE4X3

First Nation, Metis and Inuit Education (AE)
In support of the Ministry of Education's document – Ontario First Nation, Métis and Inuit Policy Framework Document 2007, the Board provides students with an opportunity to self-identify their First Nation ancestry.  This process is voluntary.  Forms and pamphlets to complete the process are available at all secondary schools and on the Board’s website under Programs and Initiatives > Student Support > First Nation, Metis and Inuit Education.

Native Studies and Native Languages courses are offered at selected secondary schools. Please check with Guidance Services at your secondary school.

French Immersion (FI)
The French Immersion Program is designed specifically for students whose first language is not French and who have completed the elementary French Immersion program. Students are required to successfully complete ten French Immersion credits (including the French Immersion language course in each grade) in order to earn a French Immersion Certificate.

Gifted Program (GP)

Gifted Programming is accessed only in Grades 9 and 10 with identification through the IPRC process. For more Special Education information, please refer to Support for Students or contact Guidance Services in your secondary school.

High Performance Athlete (HPA)
This program offers students, who are established athletes, a specially-designed schedule to support their athletic endeavours and provide them the flexibility to pursue their sport. Please contact the Guidance Services in your secondary school for further information.

International Baccalaureate (IB)
The IB Diploma Program is an alternative program offered at Bayview Secondary School where students complete their OSSD and work towards an IB Diploma. The IB Diploma program is designed for students in Grades 11 and 12 who are committed to completing courses and external examinations in six different subject areas: English, French, Mathematics, Science (Biology, Chemistry and/or Physics), Individuals and Societies (History or Economics), and Arts (Drama or Visual Arts). In addition, students also complete an extended essay (EE), 150 Creativity, Action and Service volunteer hours, and a Theory of Knowledge (ToK) course. To prepare for the IB Diploma program in grades 11 and 12, students will complete preparatory course work in grades 9 and 10. Students apply to the program in the fall of their grade 8 year.

International Cooperative Education (ICE) Program to Ecuador
The Board offers a 3-month international host family living and work experience in the fields of agriculture, business, education, health care and social work through the International Cooperative Education program. Students can earn six high school credits in one semester (3 "4U" credits and 3 Co-op credits) as they live, learn and experience life in Ecuador, South America. This program is part of the regular OSSD program in Grade 11 or 12 and frequently includes 2nd year Grade 12 participants. Please contact the Community-Based Education Department in your secondary school for more information or visit the Board's website at http://www.yrdsb.edu.on.ca/ice - Ecuador.

Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM)
These Ministry of Education programs allow students to focus their learning on a specific industry/business sector. Students from across York Region can enrol in SHSM programs focused on one of eleven economic sectors. These programs include focused learning, in eight to ten required Grade 11 and 12 credits, complemented by industry/ business-recognized certifications and relevant work experience in the field of interest. Students are provided with opportunities to 'reach ahead' and experience first-hand what it is like to work or study in their chosen destination whether it is apprenticeship, college, university or workplace. Students who successfully complete an SHSM program will receive a special OSSD with a SHSM red seal and all SHSM students receive an SHSM Record documenting their SHSM courses and certifications. Students can learn more about SHSM programs by contacting Guidance Services or the Subject Head of Community-Based Education in their secondary school. http://www.yrdsb.edu.on.ca/shsm

SHSM Program Offerings List for 2012-2013 Regional Course Directory

SHSM Sector Schools Currently Offering SHSM Programs Additional Schools
Offering Programs
Starting in September 2012
(Pending Ministry of Education Approval)
Arts and Culture Thornlea S.S.
Unionville H.S.
Woodbridge College
Aurora H.S.
Business Aurora H.S.
Emily Carr S.S.
Markville S.S.
Stephen Lewis S.S.
Thornlea S.S.
Vaughan S.S.
Bur Oak S.S.
Bayview S.S.
Dr. G. W. Williams S.S.
Dr. John M. Denison S.S.
Maple H.S.
Milliken Mills H.S.
Newmarket H.S.
Pierre E. Trudeau H.S.
Richmond Green S.S.
Stouffville District S.S.
Unionville H.S.
Woodbridge College
Construction Richmond Green S.S. Aurora H.S.
Dr. John M. Denison S.S.
Huron Heights S.S.
Markham District H.S.
Environment Dr. G. W. Williams S.S.
King City S.S.
Dr. John M. Denison S.S.
Milliken Mills H.S.
Health and Wellness Bur Oak S.S.
Huron Heights S.S.
Maple H.S.
Middlefield C.I.
Sir William Mulock S.S.
Stouffville District S.S.
Sutton District H.S.
Thornhill S.S.
Alexander Mackenzie H.S.
Dr. G. W. Williams S.S.
Emily Carr S.S.
Hospitality and Tourism Dr. John M. Denison S.S.
Stephen Lewis S.S.
Information and
Communication Technology
Markville S.S.  
Manufacturing Huron Heights S.S.
Stephen Lewis S.S.
Non-Profit   Aurora H.S.
Markham District H.S.
Sports Bill Crothers S.S.  
Transportation Keswick H.S.
King City S.S.
Middlefield C.I.
Huron Heights S.S.
Thornlea S.S.
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