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The Mission of Our School
The Mission of the York Region District School Board is that "we unite in our purpose to inspire and prepare learners for life in our changing world community."

In order to support the Board's mission, the mission of O.M. MacKillop P.S. is "we strive for excellence in academic and in extra-curricular pursuits."

O.M. MacKillop P.S. is named after the late Oliver M. MacKillop, a former Public School Inspector for the northern part of York County, who resided in Richmond Hill.  Mr. MacKillop was a great student of English literature.  He loved children and it was his desire that the teachers should inspire in their pupils a love of learning.  During his many years of service Mr. MacKillop made an outstanding contribution to both elementary and secondary education in the province.  

Our school credo is:

We at this school
Believe in the intrinsic goodness and worth of every person in the school.
Treat one another with dignity and respect.
Strive for excellence in academic and in extra-curricular pursuits.
Learn in a learning community of teachers, students, parents and
community members of all ages.
Celebrate cultural and ethnic diversity and individual differences.
Are global citizens who respect our environment and
Know about the world around us.

Our school insignia is the mustang.

O.M. MacKillop P.S. was officially opened in 1955.  A new library was placed on the original school in 1989. Over the years, classrooms have been converted in an attempt to accommodate the increase in population and the advancement of school program.  At various times, a maximum of eight portables have been utilized.

MacKillop P.S. is located on a long, narrow six acre site bound by housing on the north and south sides of the property and with a park at the west end.  In partnership with the Town of Richmond Hill, a small adventure playground was constructed at the front, south side of the school, for student/community use.   Our proximity to the Mill Pond offers many unique opportunities for outdoor and environmental experiences.

The school has a bus loop. Large and small buses, as well as private vans use the bus loop before and after school.  Parking space is limited.  Parents and visitors are asked to use caution when entering the school lot at these times.  Students are dismissed from their classes through doors at the sides and instructed to walk through the school yard to a safe exit facilitated by the teachers on bus duty or the crossing guards.  

The York Region District School Board has a transportation policy that applies to all of its schools.

Large and small buses, as well as private vans use the bus loop before and after school to transport students to and from home and day care facilities.

Visit www.schoolbuscity.com for more information on bussing.

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