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The Mission of Our School
The Mission of the York Region District School Board is that "we unite in our purpose to inspire and prepare learners for life in our changing world community."

In order to support the Board's mission, the mission of Mount Albert Public School is:

Through a powerful foundation of encouragement, students will develop strategies and attitudes to be effective, responsible learners who consistently reflect, self-evaluate and revise. These processes will develop life-long problem-solvers who can think for themselves, adapt and believe in their capabilities and potential.

Our school community will take affirmative action to ensure that everyone is treated with dignity, flexibility and respect, and is safe from physical and emotional harm. This will enable all partners in the school to become responsible, confident and productive citizens.

Our school motto is:

"We're on a quest,
To be our best."

Our school mascot is The Mount Albert Mustang.

Mount Albert Public School is situated in the town of Mount Albert. The town of Mount Albert was first settled in the early 1800's as a farming community. In the 1850's, it was known as Birchardtown. At the turn of the century, the town was a major railway junction of three lines. It was renamed Mount Albert after the visit of Prince Albert to Ontario.

In November 2003, as dedication ceremony was held for the Iron Horse which stands majestically in front of the school. The Iron Horse Time Capsule is a co-operative effort between Mount Albert P.S. and our community. The concept of the horse motif ties together the past, present and future of the town. Mount Albert's history is rich with the images of the railway connecting the community with the outside world, along with the history of horses as part of the surrounding farm life.

The Iron Horse is an imposing 7-1/2 foot high steel sculpture with ten compartments, mounted on two railway ties constructed by Ross Tanner, a local blacksmith and artist. The Iron Horse is an on-going time capsule to be used by the school and the community.

Mount Albert Public School was constructed in 1967. Three additions have been added to date. Our newest addition was completed in Spring 2000. Our new addition provides us with 10 new classrooms, a new library and gymnasium. The school facility also includes:

  • A large outdoor yard of approximately 14 acres, offering many advantages for student activities (i.e. baseball, basketball, soccer, crazy carpeting in the winter, etc.).
  • The school yard adjoins the town park.
  • "Before end After" School Daycare  Program is available at the school.  The  child-care center, The Children's Academy, owned and operated by York Professional Care and Education is also located at Mount Albert Public School.

The York Region District School Board has a transportation policy that applies to all of its schools.

Visit www.schoolbuscity.com for more information on bussing.

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