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Boundary Maps - Elementary

Due to rapid population growth in some York Region communities, it may be necessary for some new students to temporarily attend a school other that the one normally designated for their community.  If you are a new resident or are planning to move to a new York Region community, please check with the local school to verify where your children will be required to attend classes.

Aurora Grove P.S.
Aurora Heights P.S.
Aurora Senior P.S.
Devins Drive P.S.
George Street P.S.
Hartman P.S.
Highview P.S.
Lester B. Pearson P.S.
Northern Lights P.S.
Regency Acres P.S.
Rick Hansen P.S.

East Gwillimbury
Holland Landing P.S.
Mount Albert P.S.
Park Avenue P.S.
Phoebe Gilman P.S.
Queensville P.S.
Robert Munsch P.S.
Sharon P.S.

Black River P.S.
Deer Park P.S.
Fairwood P.S.
Jersey P.S.
Keswick P.S.
Lake Simcoe P.S.
Lakeside P.S.
Morning Glory P.S.
R.L. Graham P.S.
Sutton P.S.
W.J. Watson P.S.
Waabgon Gamig F. N. S. *

Kettleby P.S.
King City P.S.
Nobleton P.S.
Schomberg P.S.

Aldergrove P.S.
Armadale P.S.
Ashton Meadows P.S.
Baythorn P.S.
Bayview Fairways P.S.
Bayview Glen P.S.
Beckett Farm P.S.
Black Walnut P.S.
Boxwood P.S.
Buttonville P.S.
Castlemore P.S.
Cedarwood P.S.
Central Park P.S.
Coledale P.S.
Coppard Glen P.S.
Cornell Village P.S.
David Suzuki P.S.
Donald Cousens P.S.
E.J. Sand P.S.
Edward T. Crowle P.S.
Ellen Fairclough P.S.
Franklin Street P.S.
German Mills P.S.
Greensborough P.S.
Henderson Avenue P.S.
Highgate P.S.
James Robinson P.S.
John McCrae P.S.
Johnsview Village P.S.
Legacy P.S.
Lincoln Alexander P.S.

Markham (continued)
Little Rouge P.S.
Markham Gateway P.S.
Milliken Mills P.S.
Mount Joy P.S.
Parkland P.S.
Parkview P.S.
Ramer Wood P.S.
Randall P.S.
Reesor Park P.S.
Roy H. Crosby P.S.
Sam Chapman P.S.
Sir John A. Macdonald P.S.
Sir Wilfrid Laurier P.S.
Stonebridge P.S.
Stornoway Crescent P.S.
Unionville Meadows P.S.
Unionville P.S.
Unnamed ES (Cathedral #2)
Unnamed ES (Cornell #5)
Unnamed ES (Cornell Southeast)
Unnamed ES (Markham Centre)
Unnamed ES (Wismer #4 Southwest)
Wilclay P.S.
William Armstrong P.S.
William Berczy P.S.
Willowbrook P.S.
Wismer P.S.
Woodland P.S.

Alexander Muir P.S.
Armitage Village P.S.
Bogart P.S.
Clearmeadow P.S.
Crossland P.S.
Denne P.S.
Glen Cedar P.S.
J.L.R. Bell P.S.
Maple Leaf P.S.
Mazo de la Roche P.S.
Meadowbrook P.S.
Poplar Bank P.S.
Prince Charles P.S.
Rogers P.S.
Stonehaven E.S.
Stuart Scott P.S.
Terry Fox P.S.
Unnamed ES (Newmarket Southeast)

Richmond Hill
Adrienne Clarkson P.S.
Bayview Hill E.S.
Beverley Acres P.S.
Beynon Fields P.S.
Bond Lake P.S.
Charles Howitt P.S.
Crosby Heights P.S.
Doncrest P.S.
H.G. Bernard P.S.
Kettle Lakes P.S.
Lake Wilcox P.S.
MacLeod’s Landing P.S.
Michaëlle Jean P.S.
Moraine Hills P.S.
O.M. MacKillop P.S.
Oak Ridges P.S.
Pleasantville P.S.
Red Maple P.S.
Redstone P.S.

Richmond Hill (continued)
Richmond Rose P.S.
Roselawn P.S.
Ross Doan P.S.
Silver Pines P.S.
Silver Stream P.S.
Sixteenth Avenue P.S.
Trillium Woods P.S.
Unnamed ES (North Leslie)
Unnamed ES (Oak Ridges East#1)
Unnamed ES (Oak Ridges East#3)
Walter Scott P.S.
Windham Ridge P.S.

Anne Frank P.S.
Bakersfield P.S.
Blue Willow P.S.
Brownridge P.S.
Carrville Mills P.S.
Charlton P.S.
Discovery P.S.
Dr. Roberta Bondar P.S.
Elder's Mills P.S.
Forest Run P.S.
Fossil Hill P.S.
Glen Shields P.S.
Glenn Gould P.S.
Herbert H. Carnegie P.S.
Joseph A. Gibson P.S.
Julliard P.S.
Kleinburg P.S.
Lorna Jackson P.S.
Louis-Honore Frechette P.S.
Mackenzie Glen P.S.
Maple Creek P.S.
Michael Cranny E.S.
Nellie McClung P.S.
Pierre Berton P.S.
Pine Grove P.S.
Rosedale Heights P.S.
Teston Village P.S.
Thornhill P.S.
Thornhill Woods P.S.
Unnamed ES (Block 11 South)
Unnamed ES (Block 12 South)
Unnamed ES (Block 18 FI)
Unnamed ES (Block 18 North)
Unnamed ES (Block 40)
Vellore Woods P.S.
Ventura Park P.S.
Westminster P.S.
Wilshire E.S.
Woodbridge P.S.
Yorkhill E.S.

Ballantrae P.S.
Glad Park P.S.
Harry Bowes P.S.
Oscar Peterson P.S.
Summitview P.S.
Unnamed ES (Stouffville Southeast)
Wendat Village P.S.
Whitchurch Highlands P.S.

*map unavailable
French Immersion/Dual Track School

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