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About Employment
(finding school-to-work opportunities)

Finding a job is hard work. Why settle for any job when you might be able to find a good job that interests you, has reasonable pay and a safe / supportive working environment. You can find that good job by taking the time to research the answers to the following questions. For support with answering answering these questions contact your Guidance Counsellor or visit one of the Youth Employment Services in your area.

What are your skills, interests and abilities?
Before try to convince a potential employer to hire you, you need to learn how to describe yourself to the employer. Here are links to quizzes the will help you with this:

What kinds of jobs match your skills, interests and abilities?
Now that you have a better understanding of your skills, interests and abilities, you should complete at least one Interest Inventory. Interest inventories are questionnaires that are designed to help you to find the careers that match your skills, interests, and abilities. How do you find potential employers?
The interest inventories have generated a list of careers that match your skills, interests and abilities. There are a number of techniques that you can use to find a potential employer in your chosen area. Many organizations maintain Job Banks that are databases of employers who are advertising jobs.

Many employers do not advertise that they are hiring. How do you use networking External Link to find jobs in the hidden job market? Sometimes you can get help from an employer who is not hiring by having an Informational Interview External Link.

How do you contact a potential employer?
Once you have found a list of potential employers, you will need to find the best way to contact them:

What do you need to know after you got the job?

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