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About Changing Your Mind - University

Accepting a New Offer Before the Expiry Date
If for some reason you wish to change your mind and attend another university which offered you admission, and if the reply deadline date for that university has not expired,

The tutorial Reviewing and Changing Your Completed Online Application provides you with an overview of the online acceptance process. You can accept admission to only one university at a time.

If you are accepted to more than one program at a particular university, you may accept only one of these offers.

Accepting a New Offer After the Expiry Date
If you wish to attend a university which has offered you admission but whose reply deadline has expired, or if you wish to re-accept an offer you previously cancelled, contact that university's admissions office to see if you can still be considered or whether a new offer should be issued.

If they agree to reinstate the offer of admission or issue a new offer, ask the university for instructions on how to confirm the acceptance of the reinstated offer.

Remember, many university programs do fill up. The later you wish to change universities, the more difficult it is likely to be.

If you are worried about accepting or declining an offer of admission, contact the university's admissions office in order to discuss your needs. The university will try to accommodate you as much as possible.

Note: Please do not send your application for residence or your deposit cheque to OUAC. These cheques should be sent directly to the university you will be attending.

Cancelling a Confirmation
If you have already accepted an offer at an Ontario university, and have decided not to attend that institution, please inform the OUAC that you wish to cancel the acceptance.


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